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Bloopers and Incidents

As with any project this size, accidents were bound to happen.  The following are brief descriptions of a few of the incidents that occurred during the photo sessions.


Sometimes you get the knife .... and sometimes it gets you

Blooper knife

Groin kicks are a painful reality ... can't fake that response and no cups allowed at the photo shoot ...
Groin kick

Groin THROWS can also ruin your whole day
Groin throw

Timing is everything.  The cameras are very high resolution for the book but the timing was often hard to get.  A case in point, the handstand brick break ...

Photo attempt #1: the break was good but the camera was a touch too late ... note that the legs must be splayed so the body can twist out into a roll after the break
Handstand attempt #1

Photo attempt #2: the break was good but the camera was a touch too early ... note that only the top brick has cracked at this point
Handstand #2

Photo attempt #3: Finally ... the shot we were looking for ... except
Handstand finally worked

The bricks took out their revenge upon Susan's hand ... but ...
Handstand's revenge
But notice ... it is her left hand that got dinged (it grew to the size of a golf ball within minutes of the incident, x-rays showed no broken bones) ... upon review we found that one of the broken bricks flipped back and hit her supporting hand ... none of us had ever seen that before.
Hand close up